3 Ways Losing Weight Can Improve Your Mental Health

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There have been countless studies over the years, proving the intrinsic link between mental health and weight loss. And while much of the findings focused on how losing weight makes you happier, the recent spotlight on depression has shown researchers that it works in reverse too: people that were successfully treated for depression found they lost weight as a result. It’s hardly surprising when you look at some of the reasons why the two are so closely related.

Happy on the Inside

The team responsible for the First Fitness Suddenly Slim products believe that wellness comes from the inside out. When you’re overweight, your circulatory, respiratory and digestive systems demand more support to function, leaving other areas such as skin, hair and nails with insufficient nutrients, resulting in lank or dry hair, brittle nails and skin breakouts. When you eat well, you nourish your whole body, and when you look in the mirror and like what you see – shiny hair, well-fitting clothes, glowing skin – you feel good, and it shows.

No More Emotional Eating

Someone who is unhappy or stressed will often stop viewing food as fuel and instead begin a negative behavioral pattern called emotional eating, where they eat unhealthy food because they have an emotional need, not because they’re hungry. It starts a vicious cycle where they gain weight because they’re eating empty calories, which makes them feel more unhappy. Break the cycle and reverse the pattern: you stop emotional eating, so you lose weight, which makes you feel good about yourself.

Endorphin Release

Endorphins are naturally produced chemicals in the body that give you feelings of euphoria. Exercise encourages your body to release more endorphins, and many gym-goers find the buzz they get addictive, so they exercise more. The more they exercise, the more fat they burn and the healthier they become.

Get on track to creating a healthier, happier version of You. Small tweaks here and there build up into making a significant difference in the long run.

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