5 Top Ways to Stick to Your Fitness Routine

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Trying to stick to a fitness routine can be a challenge to say the least. This is especially true when you are just starting out and haven’t yet established a set fitness routine yet.

So, to help you succeed we gathered some top tips you can combine with the advice from your fitness professional when you hire a personal trainer in Haringey or the surrounding areas.

1. Schedule it in

Scheduling in a set time for exercise in a planner will help to keep you accountable. When you use a planner you can check off each session as you complete it. Being able to see your accomplishments on paper will let you take in all your hard work. Plus, it will motivate you to continue.

Not to mention that it also gives you a chance to analyse if there are any patterns.

For instance, when you are using a planner for accountability then you are more likely to notice that you always miss your Wednesday fitness session? This will allow you to pick a better a day or routine that keeps you interested.


2. Set rest days

If you don’t set specific rest days you are liable to burn out. It can be tempting to overcommit when you start out as you are enthusiastic about reaching your fitness goals. But in practice, it is more difficult than that and if you train too much and too soon, you are risking burn out. When you burn out it is that much easier to fall off the wagon. So, make sure you pre-emptively look after yourself and schedule a few rest days into your planner ahead of time.

3. Treat yourself once in a while

Treating yourself doesn’t have to be with food. To reward yourself for keeping up with your fitness routine you could book yourself a session with a massage therapist as well.

On a tight budget? Not to worry, there are plenty of cost-effective opportunities to treat yourself. For example, you could pour yourself a nice cup of tea and make time to read a book you are interested in. Alternatively, you could spend time with your family just relaxing or go on an adventure with your loved ones. So really, there are countless ways to treat yourself!

4. Work with a personal trainer

Working with a personal trainer is definitely one of the best ways to stay on track with your fitness plans. Personal training comes with endless benefits such as accountability, experience, guidance, and motivation just to name a few.

Accountability is essential when you are trying to stick to a fitness routine. Having a personal trainer will give you someone to be accountable to beside yourself. That way, there’s no skipping out on your exercise session for Netflix.

Personal trainers also have plenty of experience. This means that they can teach you the ropes. With professional guidance, you are far less likely to injure yourself when trying out exercise equipment that you are unfamiliar with.

In addition to keeping you accountable and guiding you with their professional experience, they can also motivate you. It is easy to feel down if you don’t reach your goals as fast as you expected to. If you start feeling this way, your personal trainer can remind you of all your accomplishments. This, in turn, will help to keep you motivated throughout your exercise journey.


5. Attend fitness classes with a friend

Attending fitness classes with a friend is another great way to ensure that you stick to your fitness routine. Knowing that your friend is also counting on you to show up will help to make sure that you do.

Plus, exercise won’t seem as much of an obligation if you get to socialise and share your time with a friend.

Not to mention that there are countless different fitness classes that you can attend with a friend from yoga to Pilates to Zumba!

Wrapping it Up

While sticking to a fitness routine may seem challenging at first, it is certainly not impossible. There are plenty of things that you can do like working with a local service professional for fitness, and keeping track of your achievements in a planner, which will help you succeed.

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