Adopting a Cat or Dog, Pros and Cons

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It’s been said that the world is made up of cat people and dog people. For those who simply love animals, the question is “Why choose?” Plenty of people love cats and dogs equally, as both pets are quite lovable in their own unique ways.

Pet Pros and Cons

Taking a pet into your home is a big commitment, there’s no doubt about it. Pets need care, which is why veterinary clinics vancouver wa work overtime to keep cats and dogs healthy. Cats do bond with people in a big way, but they are much more independent than dogs. Dogs are pack animals, and they love to follow the leader of the pack, which is how they see their human master. Cats depend on their masters for food and care, and they will curl up and purr in your lap if you give them kindness and attention.

As far as day to day care goes, dogs need to go for a daily (or twice daily) walk, which is when they relieve themselves. Responsible dog owners have to pick up after their dogs, which is something to keep in mind before adopting a dog. Dogs also need a lot of companionship, so they can’t be left alone for very long. Some people have their dogs curl up in a “crate” during the day, which is actually comforting for a dog, as it makes them feel safe.

Cats are easier to care for. Cats naturally take to using a litter box, which makes cleanup relatively simple. Cats can also pace themselves as far as eating, and they sleep a lot during the day. All of this means that cats can stay home by themselves for a day or two, as long as they have food and water. If a cat does go outside, however, it’s important to ensure they can’t wander into a road.

Pet ownership isn’t simple, but it’s incredibly rewarding. The companionship of a cat or dog can add years to a person’s life, so why not adopt a new friend today?

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