Anavar: basic facts

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Anavar is commonly available in tablet form and is a oral anabolic androgenic steroid. Anavar is nothing but synthetic form of the hormone testosterone. Testosterone is considered as primary male hormone and is responsible for maintenance and development of male sexual characteristics.

When used in medical scenarios, Anavar is mostly aimed for weight gain. It has the capacity to boost anabolism and protein catabolism as well. Anavar helps in promoting lean and strong muscle gains since it is the synthetic form of testosterone.

Anavar is also called as Oxandrolone which is an anabolic androgenic steroid. It is used as safe and secure steroid for the athletes and body builders. The side effects of this steroid are less in both men and women because of not much androgen in it. The anavar is a steroid it has side effects ranging from few to more, severe, temporary and permanent.

  • While men use higher doses of Anavar, they still get only small gains. But it’s different for women. Women can experience good results with low doses of Anavar. Especially beginners can start with 5-10mg and the experienced can take between 150-20mg per day and should be enough.
  • Women can stack Anavar with many steroids. But with Anavar they can stack it with any steroid.
  • Anavar is one of the best steroids for a toned and firm body for women.

Many people including body builders and athletes depend on steroids to get a good physique. And when we take about steroids, the most common one are anabolic steroids which are actually controlled substances and there are legal issues with buying and possessing them. Body builders’ and athletes also get caught by sports associations for using steroids. Hence, there are some who look for alternatives to steroids. They are called natural steroids which are quite effective, give good results and are easily available over the counter.

Irrespective of the steroid used, almost all the steroids will result in some side effects both in men and women. In case of men, there will be few side effects which must be taken seriously. These are the ones which cannot be neglected. Among many steroids, some may be more potent than the others. Some steroids may be meant only for treating few medical conditions. Visit for more knowhow.

Diet Plan with Anavar

The number of meals that a individual should be taking will be decided by your dietitian who will initiate you to what you should eat during your bulking and cutting cycles and even when you are on a break from your cycle.

This diet will give you enough energy and also the required protein for muscle building which is vital. The percentages of protein, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, and very less quantity of fat is also required for proper body functioning.

People refer to diet plans online or follow other person’s plans. It is good for going through to get an idea but it is better to get a customized diet plan for yourself as you may have own food preferences and allergies which is different from others. Common snack options for can be worked out. If you balance all this with the right dosage of Anavar you can get that chiseled look in a month.

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