Before Going To Rehab

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When you go to a drug rehab facility, you’ve made the first step to dealing with your addiction. You won’t be cured right away, and there may even be times when you feel like you want to use drugs once again. However, with the help and support of the people at the rehab center and by keeping a few tips in mind, you can successfully leave an inpatient drug rehab Columbus Ohio center in a better state of mind.

Before going to drug and alcohol rehab programs that are offered, you need to know how to pack. You’ll usually have a small room with a closet to keep your belongings in, such as the clothes you’ll need and shoes. There are usually restrictions as to what you can take with you. Start by packing about a week’s worth of clothes that are comfortable to wear. A journal is good to pack as well so that you can take notes about the things that you learn in rehab and so that you can write down some of your thoughts and feelings. If you’re a female, then you’re going to want to have makeup so that you can begin to feel beautiful once again. You should also have a list of phone numbers that you can give to the people who work at the center, candies that can keep you from thinking about drinking or using drugs, a few books to read or something that you can do to occupy your mind, and the toiletries that you need for the bathroom. Some centers will provide these items, but in case they aren’t provided, then you want to make sure you’re as comfortable as possible. If it feels like you’re in a hospital while being treated, then you likely won’t be as successful as you would be if you feel like you’re in a secure home.

Take good shoes for walking. Many centers are located in areas where you can go outside to walk on trails. They also offer physical activities that you might enjoy. You can also wear shoes while walking up and down the halls as this is a good way to relieve stress while getting exercise as well.

Put small items in storage bags. This will keep them together and keep liquids from getting spilled on your clothes in your suitcase or bag. Part of detoxing is that you might feel cold, so consider taking a jacket or long-sleeve shirts. While you’re going through the detox process, you need to have something with you that will keep your mind occupied. Some centers have games that you can play or a television that you can watch. However, if there’s something that you enjoy doing, like putting a puzzle together, then take a few with you. Make a list of the goals that you have from your time in rehab. Some goals could include finding quality housing, going back to school, or getting a job. The people who are at the rehab center can help you reach the goals that you have by showing you how to sign up for classes at a school or completing job applications.

When you get to the center, keep an open mind. If you’re not willing to accept the process that you’ve started, then it won’t benefit you. There will be times when you’ll have to be honest about what caused you to use drugs or alcohol. These might be tough times, but it’s part of the process in healing so that you can live a better life. Try not to live in the past. You will likely go to therapy sessions with counselors or with the other people who are in the center. These sessions can be beneficial because you can talk to others who have experienced the same issues that you’re dealing with. You can make new friends who can hold you accountable for your actions. Don’t be afraid to seek help after you leave the rehab center. Most of the time, you can contact the same counselors who offered assistance at the center so that you’re comfortable with the person instead of finding someone new. You shouldn’t expect that your situation will change in the blink of an eye. It will take time to trust the process and to get the help that you need. Once you’re healthy, you can begin to see that your life can be better without drugs and alcohol.

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