Before Hiring A Health Agency

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If you have a family member who needs health assistance in the home, then consider contacting a healthcare agency that can send someone to provide the support needed. Most agencies have different types of workers ranging from those who sit with clients in the home to monitor them during the day as well as nursing assistants and nurses who can provide not only bathing, feeding, and comfort services but medical services as well.

When you make the decision that a home care Bethesda MD agency would be the best option for your family member, you should contact a few different ones in order to determine which one would be the best for your family. Talk about the schedule that you have and if there are any family members who are available to help with providing care so that you don’t have to rely on the services offered by the agency all the time. Read reviews from previous clients and families. You should also check into the background of the workers and any certifications that they have. Let the workers meet your family member to see how they interact. If your family member doesn’t seem to be comfortable with the worker in the home, then you should consider finding someone else to provide the services that are needed.

Find out exactly what services are provided by the agency. Some only offer comfort services and domestic services, such as cleaning the home, doing the laundry, preparing meals, and taking clients to appointments while other agencies have workers who can administer medications, change bandages, and perform other medical services that are needed. Once you have made a decision about the agency you want to hire, you should create a schedule as well as a few instructions about the care that is needed for your loved one.

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