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Bruce Lee a legend among martial arts experts. His feats and remarkable body are inspiring to this very day and age. Many youngsters want follow his path and he is their ultimate idol for fitness and agility.

There are and were rumors that he might have used steroids, but there is no evidence because it was not documented anywhere and people close him have not come forward to refute the claims. Several fitness freaks such as Bruce Lee may have used steroids without knowing their implications which might have lead to his early death, there no such proof but theorists propound that adverse use of medications may have cause his life to snuff out so early. He was a fitness freak. He would train very hard lifting weights, doing isometric exercises, running and even electrical impulses to stimulate his muscles during his sleep.

His diet consisted of liquid steaks, vitamins, ginseng, Royal jelly and steroids(though not known for sure).




Myth or truth

When Bruce Lee flexed his muscles his lats are so daringly visible, which no one till date can replicate. Was it of years of hard work or the marvel of a medication. Maintaining such a body would be no mean task. The agility in how he delivered his punches would make the camera set again as it could not be captured cause of the swiftness with which he delivered them. The kind of training that he put in would definitely make him so sore to do it every day, and for him to recover so fast without the help of steroids would be impossible.

In his genes

Many also say that he has a great genetic make up, but does everyone can boast of sustaining it throughout without working hard enough. Bruce Lee was a epitome of dedication, even time constraints wouldn’t prevent him from exercising. But Chinese people thought have long endurance levels and live longer than most counter parts around the world. They are of shorter stature and hardly people with ripped and mind blowing physique is rare. Chinese were then just good house workers or day laborers.

Cause of death

Though many theories float that steroid implications may have caused his death, or was he poisoned. No one for sure knew but the body autopsy report was made public and it suggest that he died of swelling of the brain by using a pain killer Equagesic.

Finally, it’s not about one integrity, because as mentioned steroids were legal then, and if he really used them to have an edge and be the best.  Since he was in show business, you can’t really blame him, because of his overpowering personality, he became worldwide sensation. His behavior is documented as cocky and arrogant, hence to be the best he would have gone to any extent. Though, he had a ripped look but not a bulky body of a bodybuilder, as he would not be able to perform his mixed martial art training with the same agility.

We can all say he had or hadn’t but rational and logical application of the theories of how he trained can just sum up, he might have.

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