Can Nicotine Have Benefits? Some Studies Say Yes

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While we have often blamed the ever villainized nicotine to be the cancer causing ingredient in cigarettes, the claim can be far from true when taking new studies into consideration, which in fact claim that nicotine can have its own sets of benefits too. Vape haters have suggested the contrary forever, ain’t it? Scapegoating Nicotine has often shouldered the blame that lies really on the more harmful ingredients like tar and lighter fluid when speaking of smoking cigarettes and the hazards attached.

Have we ever really heard that tomatoes are harmful? Or eggplants? Well, nicotine is much present in these daily use vegetables and fruits too, and more often than not in many more products where we do not suspect the presence of nicotine. Haven’t we all been recommended to up the tomato in our diet for the dose of anti-oxidants? Aren’t we quite upping are nicotine dose then?

Nicotine is relatively “innocuous”, according to Churnmag, who claims that nicotine has its own benefits and this fact is backed by science, making nicotine a slowly recognized ingredient in the drug and medical field.

According to a recent report from the Neuroscience and Biobehavioral Reviews, nicotine has been studied to be an ingredient that can help combat late-life depression, even in severe cases where anti-depressant drugs have proven to be inefficient in relieving the symptoms.

Didn’t we all blame it on addiction when smokers claimed of firsthand experience at treating their depression by turning to nicotine? But well, we’ve trusted science way before first hand experience, and when science says so too, we ought to believe it.

While psychology and nicotine have been linked in the past too, more often for the wrong reasons than the right ones, science has now moved closer to proving solidly the theory that claims that nicotine, when taken in appropriate doses, can have positive effects of the psychology or brain. A 50 year-old study by National Institute of Health Study, as cited by Churnmag, found that nonsmokers and smokers ran the same amount of risk at developing debilitating diseases. The research later revealed that nicotine was the ingredient to be the likely cause.

So with science backing nicotine and its benefits, isn’t it time for vaping to get rid of the shroud of misconception regarding nicotine being the villainous ingredient causing health hazards? Vape-haters however might continue to distort such researches and spin scientific facts to suit their convenience to make the vaping guy the bad guy. But are we aware that besides what it does for the brain, nicotine increases wakefulness, alertness, and creativity. It improves attention and fine motor skills besides acting as a neuroprotective and a treatment for Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. So the next time somebody asks does nicotine have its benefits, the answer needs to be a yes.

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