Choosing the Best E Juice by Personal Preference

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Vaping is a trend fast catching up among people seeking a typical smoking alternative. You must have heard about e—cigarettes. However, e-cigs are actually very basic varieties of vaporizers, mainly suitable for use in public. Experienced users typically have e-cigs for public recreation, but use the tanks for personal use inside homes or among friends. Although it is touted as an alternative to smoking, it should suffice to know that most electronic cartridges consist of nicotine extracts by various percentages. Unless one is using a zero-percent nicotine mix, it is not technically about quitting smoking. Nevertheless, you can definitely scale down the nicotine concentrate to zero percent, enjoying only the pleasures of the de-addictive smoke clouds.

The world of vaping

New users generally find it confusing about where to start. It is natural because there are literally hundreds of options in e juice concentrates by flavor, smoke volume, and taste. The budget factor also plays a decisive role as it is definitely getting costly if you are a frequent user. Furthermore, one would also need to select from a wide assortment of vaporizer devices by their design, aesthetics, battery power, compatibility, and technology. To clear the confusion gradually, start with visiting a cool online retailer. Top providers maintain an extremely rich stock of eliquid options and accessories under different convenient categories.

Gathering experience

Use up some quality research time on what works and what does not by checking out the numerous user forums and blog discussions. You would soon have an idea! Besides, there is always the customer support at the online stores for consultation. In case, you are buying by reference, discuss the selection with the person introducing you to this wonderful grown up recreation. In any way, you would need the user experience over time to choose what is right for you.

Chemical or herbal

In any liquid you use for vaping, the labels would mention a PG/Vg ratio. The differences can be rather drastic from 10% VG to 100% VG. What does it mean anyway? Know that PG or Propylene Glycol is a petroleum derivative, but it has FDA recommendation to be generally safe for inhaling. In fact, PG is used in different cosmetic and food products already. VG is Vegetable Glycerin, which is basically a plant extract.

It is known to produce more smoke than the same volume of PG, but you would usually find cartridges displaying a mixture percentage of these two chemicals. As for the experience, PPG smokers prefer the sweet sharp sensations on the throat, much similar to cigarettes. High VG concentrates, on the other hand are very smooth, but without any particular flavor or odor.

The e juice categories are replete with excellent aromatic options, making it a particularly classy hobby. The flavor choices range from exotics such as frankincense to fruity such as pineapple, apple, and strawberry. Then again, other textures include tobacco, mint, creamy, etc. All you have to do is go through the inventory, check the prices, and place orders. Most seasoned users consider making bulk purchases as discount rates as you would need to use them regularly anyway.

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