Cold Cuts

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Want to jazz up all of your house parties without having to spend hours working in the kitchen? The answer is the cold-cut meat range from Licious. Cold cut or deli meats are a very popular party as well as a very tasty and healthy breakfast option. But the key to a delicious deli meat is the ingredients that are used in preparing it, and Licious uses quality meat with the finest and the freshest ingredients.

Chicken Cold Cuts

Chicken cold cuts are a very popular breakfast option, as they are both filling and tasty at the same time, may it be some pan seared chicken sausages or a healthy chicken ham or salami sandwich, everybody loves them. Licious has a huge variety of chicken cold cuts like Vienna chicken sausages that are perfect for hotdogs and the flavour-packed and spicy chicken salami with chilli. Other chicken products from Licious include the scrumptious chicken breakfast and cocktail sausages and chicken frankfurter, which are an amazing on- the-go snack.

Turkey Cold Cuts

One of the most popular cold cut meats is turkey. Since Licious uses fresh and best quality produce, these cuts of meat just melt in your mouth. Licious has come up with different flavour combinations with turkey to cater to tastes of different people, like the sweet and salty honey roasted turkey ham which can be used to make sandwiches. The turkey Mortadella with olives which is spiced with the finest spices and flavourful green olives are a must-try because of its unique flavour combination. The most loved smoked turkey ham has gained popularity as it is a low calorie food with yummy flavours.

Quality Cold Cuts

Licious is a trusted name and prepares all its cold cut meats in very hygienic conditions, and so you can be assured of the quality. The meats do not use any type of harmful chemicals and so you can enjoy a delicious platter of cold cut meats without anything to worry about. Licious focus on the quality of the meat and brings the best quality produce which in turn gives a delectable flavour. The flavour combinations that Licious offers is like none other, so your cold cut meats don’t need a lot of time to be cooked or to have an added flavour to it. They can be eaten as is, or can be grilled or pan fried just for a few minutes, to have a scrumptious looking plate of food in no time or effort.  Licious cold cut meats go great with salads and sandwiches as well.

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