Common Signs of Distribution Issues and Failures

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Your company is only as strong as the distribution channels that you use. When you buy products from companies that you sell to others, you expect those products to arrive in a timely fashion. If you send products to customers and clients, you want to use postal companies that get those products to others by the time that you promised or guaranteed. Whether you’re on the fence about hiring a new company or just want to find out if you hired the best company, you can look for some clear signs of distribution errors, issues and failures.

No Guarantee

Anytime that you use a company to ship items to you to to ship items to your customers, you want some guarantee of how long the process will take. Some companies offer flat rate shipping, which lets you place a large or small order and pay the same amount for shipping. Other companies charge a set amount for standard shipping and different rates for faster or expedited shipping. You generally want to avoid companies that offer no guarantee of when your items will ship or when those products will arrive because it’s a sign that the company has some distribution issues and that it cannot tell you when your order will get there.

Constant Tardiness

Another sign of a distribution issue is when a company constantly suffers from tardiness and lateness. When you place an order, you expect that order to reach you within a few weeks or less. Some companies will promise delivery by a set date and then make up excuses as to why the product did not arrive in time. You may even get the runaround as the company keeps pushing back your shipping date after you order.

Broken Items

If you want to know if there are problems in your shipping channels, you can arrange for distribution testing. This allows a private company to examine all those channels and find out why products do not arrive or arrive late. You’ll also want to look for products that arrive broken and items that arrive in damaged packaging. Those signs indicate that one of your distribution channels does not care about your items and does not use any care when moving those products to the next channel. When you experience any of these issues for yourself, it’s time to take a serious look at your distribution channels.

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