Cyware: Get Closer to the Cyber World

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Most of us read a lot of news about security and data breaches – some serious and some not-so-serious. Right from top multinational companies to common general internet users – everyone is worried about their internet safety and wish to stay ahead of cyber criminals and know different types of malware and vulnerabilities they are using; different tactics they are implementing to exploit the data and other information, well in time to secure themselves.

Besides, most of us feel happy to know that new cyber technologies are being developed to counter cyber attacks. But, for a normal person, it is a challenging task to read each and every article published on the internet, print media and elsewhere; and sometimes we immerse so deep in our daily chores that none of us have time to go through newspapers and blog articles each day, and read only the valuable information. In order to fill this gap, Cyware – a cyber situational awareness platform is built to publish every valuable information in a summarized format retaining the vital points, so that users get maximum knowledge and information in a short span of time.

Nowadays, a lot of new scams are troubling people as cyber criminals are using various strategies to fool the innocent internet users. For instance, in a phishing attack, hackers may obtain email addresses, names, and other necessary details through the dark web, which are used to run different campaigns such as introducing themselves as  bank officials or government employees and ask for sensitive details like passwords, PIN number etc. The fraudsters implement such social engineering techniques to scare, threaten or manipulate users into revealing their personal information. Once they get necessary details, criminals use it to transfer money into their accounts. A lot of such incidents have been reported across the world and users continue to fall victims, as they do not have any idea that this is a scam. Now imagine having a mobile application like Cyware, which would have warned the users earlier by posting cyber security news, then users could have taken every step to not fall for such attacks and there are high chances that they would’ve reported such incidents without losing anything valuable. There are a lot of such instances which prove that timely awareness can avoid a lot of cyber attacks.

Cyware, powered by IBM Watson technology is built for both cyber security professionals or experts and general internet users; it is for each and everyone. If you are a general internet user who uses the internet only to browse different websites and social networking sites, or do shopping; this app is for you. Each individual’s preference to the internet is unique and to meet the different needs Cyware is built with different niche categories that separate general internet users from professionals. The main objective of this platform is to generate cyber awareness among users by providing timely updates and keeping them a step ahead of state and non-state threat actors. The Cyware app is available in both Google Play Store and iOS App Store.

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