Do You Know What a Physical Therapist Does?

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You’ve probably heard someone who goes to physical therapy, but you may not know why. Sure, this person was in an accident a few months ago, but everything seems fine with him now. There doesn’t seem to be a reason why he would need to see a therapist at this late stage. Physical therapists perform different types of functions. It’s good to know some of them in case you ever need to engage the services of one.

Who Is the Typical Client?

A physical therapist usually gets engaged to help a sick, injured or chronically ill person. Physical therapists also help patients who have been undergoing long-term treatment, like chemotherapy, build muscles back up to help them return to a more normal status. If you need physical therapy Salt Lake City, it is likely there is a good reason.

What Types of Things Do Physical Therapists Do?

The most significant part of a physical therapist’s job is helping clients get their musculoskeletal system back up to par. Some patients may have issues in various areas due to an auto accident or surgery. For instance, if a person needs a rotator cuff replacement, it will become necessary for them to work the shoulder to stretch the tightened muscles back out and heal properly. Failure to do so results in immobilization of the joint and possible permanent frozen shoulder.

Is Physical Therapy Prescribed?

In almost every instance, a doctor will refer a patient to receive physical therapy treatment. Therapists do an intake assessment while going over the issues indicated by the referral. They then formulate a course of treatment to serve the patient best and the results to get them back up to par. Sometimes, therapists understand getting back 100 percent of what a patient lost is impossible, so they often aim for high results and help the patient get to their new normal.

If you need to engage the services of a physical therapist, chances are, you will benefit from it. Knowing that a therapist is there to assist you to get your musculoskeletal problems in check.

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