Effective and Lasting Drug Addiction Recovery Needs Time to Accomplish

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It may come as a surprise to you to read the axiom that drug rehab is “not a race.” In fact, it needs longer than expected to be successful and lasting many times. Naturally, the thing that matters most here is that you the patient are able to walk away from drug addiction permanently. Put simply, the program does not finish until the patient feels confidence in his capabilities to be clean for the rest of his life. This may or may not be the point at which a specific number of days have elapsed.

How Short Term Drug Rehab Gained In Popularity

With the idea of long term drug rehab established as a necessity in so many cases, you may wonder how the increasingly popular short-term rehab overtook the idea of longer-term treatment and care. The sad reality is that insurance companies were the ones to introduce the concept of time limits in the programs. As the majority of Americans find themselves unable to afford these facilities and programs if they do not have solid insurance to cover the fees, insurance companies were in the sole driver’s seat when they elected to place a stringent time limit on the number of inpatient days they would cover.

They limited this generally to 90 days. The impact was profound and nearly instantaneous as inpatient facilities quickly got the memo and tailored their programs to match. Never mind that this three months might not be a sufficient time for the professionals in addiction to treat the recovering drug users so that they do not relapse in the future.

Long-Term Drug Rehab Is Much More Than Simply Days Ticked Off On A Calendar

It frustrates countless millions of addicted Americans to learn that no set number of days guarantees a successful completion of rehab treatment at an inpatient facility. This varies per the needs of each patient. Yet experts in addiction and drug recovery have statistics to back up the fact that programs which are longer (over 90 days) are generally vastly more successful and lasting for recovering drug addicts in terms of their future clean lifestyle success. Several reasons help to explain why this is the case in general.

It starts with a greater amount of time to comprehend and resolve the issues that underlie the drug addiction in the first place. For starters, new patients have to undergo detox when they initially arrive. After successfully getting through this difficult stage, there is a lengthy adjustment to living in the full-care facility.

Real hardcore treatment starts once the adjusting is done. It can take over two weeks for detox and adjustment stages to elapse though. Drug Addiction In Colorado facilities and programs are aware that only through longer-term inpatient treatment can the vicious cycle of dependence, temporary abstinence, and eventual relapse be finally convincingly broken.

This is successful because there is a safe and temptation-free space for the recovering addict to decompress in for extended periods of time. There are no severe distractions here, allowing the patients to really concentrate on their full and lasting recoveries. Eliminating outside distractions and external interference is critical for a real recovery to take root at this point.

Another interesting consideration is that the addiction most patients are struggling to gain independence from was built up over many months or even years. This is why longer-term rehabilitation is critical. It allows the user to concentrate on finding himself and the destructive patterns that caused him to fall into addiction originally. This is more than just getting clean. The underlying causes must be comprehended and then dealt with effectively for a likely relapse to be entirely avoided.

Some people have abused themselves so long with their drug addiction that their bodies and brains simply need an extended period of and place for meaningful care and rest. The individual needs both emotional and physical health and well-being to return. This takes some serious time.

The Necessary Time to Heal

It is worth noting that a great number of the patients who enroll themselves in a longer-term facility have tried and failed at numerous other shorter-term programs previously. Having failed with the short-run treatment, they go all out and attempt to find recovery in the only other option, a longer-term program. The majority of patients find that they will only recover with a lengthy stay and break in their normal unhealthy lifestyles and addictive routines. To be effective, this means months and not merely days or even weeks.

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