Essential Tips for Contact Lens Wearers

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Contact lenses can be very helpful in that you get to enjoy great vision at ease but they can be difficult to handle, manage and get used to.
Lenses help you get active by letting you move freely and helps you to see clearly even under low lighting and they also do not fog up.
Contact lenses also improve your appearance as compared to glasses which block your natural face. Some people use contact lenses for beauty purposes but it is safer to get them from a doctor.
If you use lenses or you are new to them you need to know how to use them effectively.
Here are some essential tips for contact lens wearers.
1) Store and care for your lens as instructed by the eye care practitioner. Always try to follow the instructions carefully even after handling contact lenses for years.
2) Use dry fingerers to put the lens in as they tend to cling on to wet things including hands. Thoroughly wash your hands using pure unscented soap before inserting the lens. Make sure you don’t have any hand cream on your hands or in your fingertips before handling your lenses.
3) Place the lens on the finger right side up before placing in the eye. Know how to place the lenses well. If you can feel the lens in your eye then it is not properly placed. Ensure it is not inside out. Pinch the contact lens towards each other and then insert.
4) Start inserting in the same eye always to avoid confusion.
5) Do not press the contact lens in your eye as you might hurt yourself and also keep both eyes open when inserting the contact.
6) Do not rub your eye because you risk getting dirt into your eyes and lenses.
7 )Stick to a cleaning and disinfecting method and do not use tap water to clean your lenses this may cause a serious eye infection. It is also advisable to remove the contacts before getting in the shower.
8) Replace the lenses as recommended, do not wear them longer than instructed. If the lens is damaged it is important to replace them as well.
9) Remember to book appointments to get your eyes checked regularly and inform your doctor of any discomfort. You can also Use your rewetting drops to clean any dirt under your lens.
10) If you wear makeup it is safer to put in your contacts before applying your makeup and take them out before you remove your makeup. This will help prevent makeup from getting on the contacts or into your eyes.
Avoid any irritating makeup especially the ones you use on or around your eyes and replace the makeup regularly.
Always use a freshly sharpened eye pencil and daily disposable lenses if you have to outline the waterline.
Use cream eyes shadow as compared to powder shadow.
11) Do not wet your contacts with put the lenses in your mouth or wipe them using your saliva.
12) Teens can be allowed to wear lenses but they have to follow instructions of the doctor like not to try on friends lenses. Disposable lenses are preferred here.
When removing your contact lens wet your finger with a drop of saline and make sure your hands are clean.
Do not throw away your lenses you will probably use them at times. If you are considering getting eye contacts for any reason visit the doctor even if you buy them online you should see the eye doctor first.

For more information, visit: The Medical Eye Clinic.

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