EurycomaLongifolia– treating the male sex hormone

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Eurycoma Longifolia (Long Jack) Supplement is a medication that is called as an androgen, which is a male sex hormone. It is usually prescribed for men who do not produce sufficient quantities of the natural androgen in their bodies. As a result, their male characteristics or manly features may not be up to the mark, and they turn to androgen treatment to supplement their natural production. It is also used by adolescent boys who are nearing puberty or have delayed puberty problems. It enhances their male characteristics and allows them to develop the characteristics that are associated with male sexuality.


Long Jack Supplement – A Knowhow

EurycomaLongifolia (Long Jack) Supplement acts as an anti-estrogenic activator when it is consumed for body building purposes. These agents eliminate the use for Proviron as an anti-estrogen. What the medication does is to bind weakly to the estrogen receptors in the body. This also improves the sexual activity of the person consuming it. The drug has an effect on libido, and enables better performance in males who are facing difficulty with obtaining it otherwise. Acting as a muscle relaxant, this pill increases the blood supply to the penis, by demonstrating a positive influence in enhancing the natural production of nitric oxide in the body. This leads to the enhancement of the libido in males. Hormonal disorders are very common in one’s body, owing to the fact of change in the environmental conditions, food and sleeping habits. However, with this add on consumption of steroid, one can surely improve their sexual activities, enhance their libido and also develop a good body.

Intake of this drug may cause some of the mild side effects .This may include headache, restlessness in night, depression and anxiety. It may also cause sore throat and dry mouth.One of the side effects that are caused by the intake of this supplement is Insomnia. This can be prevented if the dosage is taken on a small amount as per the individual requirement.This is also used for the treatment of sleep disturbances.

Treating Erectile Dysfunction in Males

Also, known as Tongkat Ali supplements, this is used to treat erectile dysfunction in males.When this medication is used, it enhances the male characteristics of the body. It speeds up puberty in boys who do not show suitable adolescent or adult characteristics at the right age. There are side-effects to this drug. They include nausea, vomiting, hair loss, oily skin and acne problems, increased or decreased interest in sexual matters and in some cases skin color changes. While the side-effects are normal to a certain extent, medical attention is warranted if the side-effects cross a particular limit.

You should also discuss any medication that you are on and any continuing medical condition if you are to begin treatment with this drug.This medication is not recommended if you are suffering from certain medical conditions. If you have any heart issues or family history of cardiac trouble, make sure you mention about this to your doctor.

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