Getting Through Alcohol Rehab

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When you make the decision to enter a recovery center, such as Pinnacle Recovery, you’re deciding to change your life for the better and to get healthy once again. There are several side effects that alcohol can have on the body, such as cirrhosis of the liver, brain damage or even death. While you’re at a recovery center, you’ll meet with counselors and other staff who only have your best interests in mind.

The process of alcohol detox begins as soon as you enter the rehab center. There is someone there who will take your vital signs, such as your blood pressure and temperature, and get you settled into a room. Most centers ask that you stay at least 90 days. You can leave at any time, but you’re risking your health and getting back involved with drinking or other drugs that you have been using. Once you’re in your room, you can begin getting comfortable by learning more about the facility, watching television or talking with some of the other people who are in the center. The time that you arrive at the center will sometimes dictate the services that you’ll receive that day or if the staff will wait until the next day to get started. Most of the time, a doctor or one of the medical staff will start giving you medications to help with anxiety or to help with the detox process of getting the alcohol out of your body so that you can begin to think clearly. The initial intake process can help in determining your needs and your goals of being in the center.

Withdrawal is often the most important and the most difficult step when you enter a detox center. There are times when withdrawing can be painful and can make you sick, but once you have the alcohol out of your body, then you’ll begin to feel better. Some of the symptoms that you might experience include seizures, headaches, anxiety, agitation and mood swings. When you are ready to proceed with the rehab, you’ll start meeting with counselors and other staff who work at the center. There are several opportunities for you to improve your life while you’re in rehab if you want to make a change. There is information about taking classes in college when you complete your rehab and assistance in getting a job. You can find information about sober housing or housing that is affordable

Counselors will begin talking to you about why you started drinking. They will ask questions about your family and friends. Be prepared to dig deep into your life. If counselors can discover what has happened in your past to cause you to start drinking, then you can begin dealing with those issues in a healthy manner instead of turning to drinking or using drugs.

The amenities that are at the detox will usually depend on what you can afford or what your health insurance company will cover. Some rehab centers offer swimming pools, animals that you can care for and other luxuries that you might expect at a typical resort. These amenities are meant to keep you comfortable and to keep your mind off drinking. They can also be used to help you deal with anxiety and other issues that you have that led to your drinking. While you’re in rehab, you’re going to be educated about many different things. You’ll find out about what alcohol can do to your body and how it can impact the people around you. You might not want to talk to a lot of people about your addiction, and that’s fine to do for a short time. However, if you want to heal, then it’s better to go ahead and start talking to someone you can trust who can help you in a positive manner.

At times, you can be involved with group therapy sessions. This is a time when you can meet with the other people who are in the center and learn about ways they deal with drinking and drugs. Not everyone has the same past, which is also a benefit because you can help each other during the recovery process. There are also individual sessions that you’ll be involved with, which can help in learning about your history instead of just giving you someone to talk with. When you’re done with your rehab, you’ll be given the tools to find sober living or a home in an area where you can be a success in life.

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