How to bring High Society Party Canapés down to Earth

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When one mentions the word ‘canapé’, it can be met with different and varied reactions. They can be caused in certain instances by unawareness as to what a canapé exactly is and whether it bites! Some people have the impression it’s a fancy cake consumed by those in high society. So, what in fact is a canapé?

For the uninitiated, a Canapé is a small and decorated type of food, which can be held between your fingers and eaten in one gulp! A traditional canapé may be served on a piece of stale white bread, which can be circular, square or triangular in shape, completed with decorative garnishes are placed. In some cases, the canapé has established a reputation for being associated with high society, and with the impression that only certain types of selected foods make it a worthwhile preparation.

In reality, three elements are needed to be combined to form a true canapé; they are a base, a middle section, and a top layer. Although this may sound simple, it is from there that the true expertise of the canapé creator comes into effect. The type of food desired and the occasion, such as a party canapé will influence its success with the necessary innovation, inspiration, and creative expertise. The positive results from the canapés consumers will depend on visual appeal and how tasty the combined trio of layers was!


Canapés the great temptation


Whether the popular canapés are prepared for a formal reception or a casual occasion at home, it is usually a case of providing the canapé recipe looks and tastes good; it will be well accepted by the eager consumers. For many women, the fact of this tempting food entity being small and dainty has a great appeal. While for their male counterparts, the same attractions mean they can consume more of them, faster! The canapé is good proof that everything said about good things in small packages, is true.


It can be said that the basic requirements for party canapés are relatively easy to fulfil, with the use of ingredients that are readily and accepted, combined into an appealing and tasty edible package.  For the experts in canapé creation, there is a huge variety of canapé preparation that allows for creative imaginations to run rampant. Well prepared and presented canapés can not only look appealing but also chic and extremely appetising.


The ideal time to serve canapés is at the start of a party, with drinks, which are appropriate for the occasion, such as celebratory birthday parties. The canapé presentation can be emphasised with large platters, with the star performers arranged in a simple yet attractive manner. An option for party canapés is to utilise trays, covered with coloured crepe paper that compliments the set table and tableware. Canapés are convenient, even acting as icebreakers and when prepared and presented at their best, make for a great eating temptation in their right!

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