How to Manage Insulin Spikes with Diet Tweaks

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Managing diabetes requires a well-planned and focused approach pertaining to both lifestyle and diet modifications. While physical workout is important for overall fitness, especially for diabetics, diet changes and healthy foods as prescribed in a diabetic diet have an even greater role to play. Studies have shown that including diabetic friendly food items in your diet plan works wonders in controlling blood sugar levels.

So what does it really take to be rewarded with healthy and well balanced blood sugar, insulin, and energy levels? A little proactive planning and conscious awareness of the following parameters of food for diabetics is the easiest way to take charge of diabetes.

Glycemic Load

This is a measure of how much carbs in your diabetic diet affect your blood sugar levels. The more complex a food item is to break down and digest, the lesser is the glycemic index. Such foods take more time to release glucose into the blood stream, thus leading to balances sugar levels. But foods high in trans fats and refined carbs like white pasta are easily digested and lead to immediate spike in blood sugar levels.

Portion Control

The key to managing a diabetes diet mainly lies in controlling the quantity of the food you consume. A large meal simply means more carbohydrate intake in one go and the same breaks down into larger quantity of glucose released directly into the bloodstream. Hence small portion consisting of low glycemic foods is the smartest way to control blood glucose levels.

Combinations of Food Items

Carbohydrates eaten together with proteins and fats slow down the absorption of glucose in the blood which help maintain insulin levels and prevent sudden diabetes insulin spikes.

Shape of Food

Not the geometric shape but the form in which the food is consumed decides how fast it will be broken down and the glucose released in the bloodstream. Whole grains take longer to digest – for example whole barley has low glycemic index than cracked barley.

This may seem complex in the first look but the key is to understand the basic consideration which is to avoid processed foods as much as possible so that your body doesn’t have to work hard to digest it. Hence consider natural and organic foods over and above the artificial ones with elaborate labels and ingredients.

Managing diabetes and living a healthy and happy life with it is all a matter of choice and a proactive approach by taking charge.

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