How To Plan For A Rhinoplasty Procedure

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One of the most common beliefs about any kind of cosmetic surgery is that it is very easy. You may assume that if you undergo a surgery today, you will be able to get out of the hospital tomorrow and immediately get back to work however, you must keep in mind that all medical procedures are serious issues. First, when you’re planning for a surgery like rhinoplasty, make sure that you take time off from work and your normal schedule. According to several doctors you will need one-two weeks to recover from the surgery as there will be some amount of swelling and bruising. But again, each person is unique and will take their own time to recover from surgery.

Swelling and Bruising

There is no way for you to completely avoid swelling and bruising these are inevitable consequences of undergoing surgery. But, you can control these factors. The first tip you can use to do this is to keep your head constantly elevated so that there is minimal pressure on your nose. If you are someone who uses spectacles, bear in mind that you may not be able to use them for the first four weeks. Another thing you should tone down is the amount of exercise you do. You should make sure that your heart rate never goes above one hundred. If you do not avoid this, your swelling, bleeding, bruising will increase over time. To ensure that this does not happen to you, avoid any form of exercise for the first month after your rhinoplasty surgery. If the region around your eyes gets swollen up, use an ice gel on the area until it subsides or just hold an ice pack on it for regular intervals. Additionally, there are also several homeopathic remedies are like Montana, Bromelain, and Arnica that help with swelling and bruising. Additional intake of vitamins has also proven to be useful.

Set aside 12 months

After the first two weeks, you can expect the swelling to gradually start reducing. After another four weeks, there will be little sign of you having had a plastic surgery. But, for complete and proper recovery, you require a period of twelve months. This is especially true for surgery done on the tip of your nose. Several patients hurry through the recovery process as their post-surgery visits usually reveal nothing wrong. There will be constant pain but it will be bearable. Additionally, stuffiness and discomfort are to be expected as a part of the recovery process especially during the first week. Additionally, you can have your nostrils cleaned to keep the airways free.

What happens during my first visit after surgery?

On your first visit, your surgeon will remove the internal and external splints. As this is a painful procedure, it is advisable to take a painkiller like Valium. The painful part of the process is removing the internal splint. You may want to take someone along with you in order to drive you back as you may be under a lot of pain. Additionally, if you face any swelling, you can use salt water solution to control it.

How long before I am back to normal?

It may take you up to a year to recover but a lot of your recovery process is dependent on your genes. Another factor that plays an important role is the doctor’s skill and expertise and how efficiently you follow the advice given by your doctor.

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