Improve Your Sex Life With These 3 Workouts

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We all know how intrinsically important exercising is to the human body. Yet most of us either use it to reduce weight or pain; or just proudly go without it. What if we told you that exercises could make you last longer & play wild in bed? Read on if you seek to know more about these 3 workouts to boost your sex life.

1. Strengthening the core body

Whether it’s the Cowgirl or the Missionary pose, the muscles in your hands, abdomen, pelvis & spine need to be strong for an orgasmic intercourse. The easiest way to keep all these in shape is abdominal crunches & push-ups.
For ab-crunches, lie on your back with knees bent or in the air and hands supporting your neck. Now lift your shoulders & body to touch the knees. Try to do 3 sets of these with 15-20 repetitions.
For pushups, you can either start with wall push-ups or half-pushups of 3 sets with 15-20 repetitions and move on to hand-and-toe pushups.

2. Kegel exercises

For long-lasting erections and consistent orgasms, your pubococcygeus (or PC) muscles need strengthening. Pelvic floor exercises or kegel, help both genders to increase endurance & control over their sex muscle contractions during intercourse. To find your PC muscles, start by interrupting urination for 5 seconds by squeezing your penile muscles. Over time, increase this squeeze duration, intensity and a number of reps to 10-15 second sets thrice a day.

3. Cardio & Stretching

During intercourse, there is a perceptible difference between gasping for breath and moaning in pleasure.
Aerobic exercises build your cardiovascular stamina to hold enough oxygen to burn during sex. Try either running, jumping rope, swimming or cycling for at least 15 minutes daily or every alternate day. Stretching increases your body’s flexibility to spice it up with various poses. Try the Standing Toe Touch, Quad stretches, Groin & back stretch or just some yoga to never get cramps during sex.

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