Indian cuisine

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India is a land of various culture and religion. Its a land of diversity. A country where 22 odd languages are spoken, people of different religions live together peacefully, it is very natural that India will also have a vast collection of cuisines. The cuisines are generally impacted by the culture of the specific place and the weather conditions. One of the reason that India is loved all over the world, is because of its food. Its food is famous for its rich flavor and taste. In almost all the dishes that are prepared, across all the cuisines, herbs and spices form a very important blend and taste.

Today, in the modern day, Indian food is so globalized, due to its intense taste and flavors, that it has become a very important part of all wedding celebration, be it an Indian wedding or overseas. Now, since all Indian dishes needs blending of different spices and herbs, it is generally not everyone’s cup of tea to prepare an Indian dish. It needs years of experience to gain expertise in preparing Indian dishes. Therefore, in countries like the UK, the US and Canada, it has become a problem for the Indian diaspora to prepare Indian dishes in large gatherings. Since, it requires an expert caterar to prepare Indian dishes, the normal catering service present can’t prepare those dishes. Hence, in this case, calling for an authentic Indian catering service is advisable.

In this article, we will see some of the most popular Indian cuisine, that are generally included in weddings and gatherings.

Punjabi Cuisine

Punjabi food is very delicious and is filled with spices. Since, Punjab in India is a largely agricultural state, therefore, most of its dishes are very spicy and has a blend of a lot of spices. Some of the spices that are often used in Punjabi cuisine are, turmeric, coriander, cumin, dry red chilli powder and lots and lots of local spices. Punjabi cuisines consists of both vegetarian and non vegetarian dishes. Vegetarian dishes include paneer, which is a milk product, while non vegetarian dishes are generally made out of Chicken. 
Punjab is also very famous for its milk based sweets, which acts as dessert in wedding. Dry fruits are also very prevalent in punjabi dishes, where most of the desserts made out of milk products, has a dry fruit topping. North Indian style of cooking is prevalently Punjabi style.

Gujarati Cuisine

Since, there are a lot of Gujaratis around the world, Gujarati Cuisine is also very prevalent in countries like the UK and Canada. Gujarat is basically, the vegetarian belt of the country, hence most of the food prepared under Gujarati cuisine is vegetarian. The main dishes in Gujarati Cuisine are steamed vegetables which are cooked with exotic spices and herbs. Desserts are also very prevalent in Gujarati cuisine.

South Indian Cuisine

People of Southern India is considered to have the most spiciest dishes, and hence, South Indian cuisine is pre-dominatly spicy. Rice is the staple food for Southern India, and hence, Rice is included in almost all the dishes. Some of the herbs and spices which are used mostly in South Indian dishes are red chillies, curry leaves and mustard seeds. Different dishes of fishes and sea food are also included in South Indian dishes.

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