Methods of Replacing Missing Teeth

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Having one, or more missing teeth can make eating, drinking, talking and smiling a difficult task. It can affect how you feel about yourself and interact with the world. There are affordable solutions for replacing any teeth that are missing and helping you gain confidence in your smile once again.

Dental Bridges

A dental bridge is the perfect solution to a single missing tooth that is bothersome for speech, eating and self-esteem. An artificial tooth is used to replace the missing real tooth by attaching to both neighboring teeth. The method may vary slightly, depending on the solid state of the teeth the artificial tooth will be attached to. The end look is made to match the teeth you have and the “bridge” blends perfectly.

Dental Implants

Dental implants are a good solution for more than one missing tooth and if you are looking to have artificial teeth that are as strong and usable as authentic. A small titanium rod is placed in the jawbone and allowed time to bond. This can take a few weeks. Within three or four months an artificial crown is added to the top and you have a nice, natural looking tooth that is strong enough to eat apples or steak. They do not have to be removed for cleaning. It is a simple dental hygiene routine that fully cares for the implant.


When there are numerous teeth on the top or bottom, a denture plate is the best option for complete replacement. Many times the denture plate can be inserted directly after removal of the remaining teeth. There are times that it takes a few weeks to allow swelling and healing to subside. The result should be a comfortable and attractive set of teeth that look natural. Denture plates are removable for cleaning.

Flexible Partial Dentures

Another available option for areas of the mouth that are missing more than one tooth is a partial denture. They are made to fit comfortably, are very flexible and look natural. It is not recommended for one missing tooth, but are perfect for more than one, or having missing teeth in different locations of the top or bottom jaw. These can be removed and cleaned at any time.

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