Modern Orthotic Designs Treat Problems In An Individualized Way

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Many people have chronic body pain issues that are difficult to understand. This is true even with people who are fit, have never been diagnosed with a skeletal problem, and try to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle. Still, body aches and pains arise that cannot be explain easily.

Certain health fields, including the sciences of the feet, are making radical discoveries regarding the importance of proper alignment in the body. Humans are unique in that they perform most of their activity on their feet. The feet are complex boney and muscular structures that act as barriers between surfaces and the body. Most people never consider foot problems to be the source of body pains because walking, running, climbing, and jumping are automatic actions. In reality, the composition of the feet has an incredible degree of influence on the way the whole body performs.

Old Orthotic Remedies

Specialized orthotic aides have been produced for decades. The science of understanding how the feet influence other body functions is not new, but it has undergone radical shifts. Until recently, the main concern within the world of treating foot problems is dealing with flat fleet. Having flat feet means that the natural arches in the feet have collapsed, and no longer properly support the body’s weight.

Flat feet can be caused by many things including obesity, osteoarthritis problems, and exposing the feet to incredible stress by not wearing proper footwear. There are also genetic conditions that cause a person to have sunken arches. All of these problems can result in a person having compromised athletic motion, cascading body aches and pains, and chronic mobility concerns.

In the past, foot specialists prescribed canvass techniques for addressing flat feet problems. This most often included a generalized measure of what a person’s ideal arches should look like. When the measurement was complete, a set of hard and inflexible orthotics were built. These appliances were designed to act as false arches, but presented many problems.

In general, it could take months for a person to adjust to wearing new orthotics. While they provided support in the legs, they rarely addressed other issues in the body arising from wearing a specialized foot aid. Worst of all, the materials and dimensions of the orthotics did not have the ability to take individual concerns into consideration. In some cases, old-style orthotics were just as debilitating as the foot conditions themselves.

A New Foot and Body Alignment Approach

Modern scientists and musculoskeletal specialists are now offerings orthotic designs and foot treatments that make techniques of the past look positively silly. Their new approach to foot science is predicated on the fact that no two people suffering from foot problems are alike. A 250 pound weightlifter and a 125 pound working mom can have similar issues with pain, but treatment for each must include customized treatment.

Using sophisticated computer body imaging protocols, foot doctors can now pinpoint exactly how a foot problem is affecting other areas of the body. Having flat feet is no longer a canvass diagnosis. Modern foot science can now determine exactly how a foot is not functioning properly, how these deviations are affecting the rest of the skeleton, and how lifestyles exacerbate the problem.

From this analysis, a truly effective set of orthotics can be constructed. These orthotic appliances are designed using various supportive materials instead of hard composites. They take into consideration a person’s body type, activity levels, favorite footwear styles, and overall medical history. Modern orthotic styles now have comfort and therapeutic potential. Instead of a person going through incredible amounts of pain and adjustment in order to wear orthotics, new designs work with a person’s foot structure to provide the right amount of support and alignment needed for a unique body construction.

If a person is experiencing pain and discomfort in an area of the body during normal daily activities, the remedy could lie in how their feet are performing. It doesn’t matter if a person is fit, or has any number of health issues. Problems with the feet can transfer to other parts of the body. To relieve these problems, get Aligned Custome Orthotics that take body science into account for each person. Fortunately, foot science is now intimately tied to whole-body wellness. New orthotic designs can create incredible degrees of physical flexibility, and living that is free from pain.

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