More Women Are Learning the Benefits of Cycling

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As you drive to work or around town, you may notice increasing numbers of people who are cycling for commuting to work, as well as for general exercise. USA Today notes that biking has increased 60% in the past decade, and more individuals are expected to use this beneficial mode of transportation both for transportation and for physical health.

Cycling offers some significant benefits for women, because of its ability to provide an effective lower-body workout, without relying on long hours at the gym. A closer look at the benefit of cycling for women shows why more individuals are taking an interest in this health-promoting, low-impact way to get fit.

Burn Calories

One of the primary benefits that often attract women to cycling is its ability to burn calories efficiently. Research finds that maintaining a healthy weight is one of the keys to good health throughout your life, reducing the risk for diabetes, heart disease, stroke and even cancer. If you wage a regular war on excess pounds, you may be interested in cycling’s well-known ability to accelerate weight loss. And cycling is much more enjoyable than other types of workouts, so you’re more likely to stay with it over a longer period of time. A cycling power meter can help you to get the most out of your weight loss workout.

Muscle Toning

Cycling gives your body an all-over workout, but especially works on those areas of stubborn fat that often collect around women’s abdomen, thighs and buttocks. You cannot find a better exercise for lower body toning than cycling, and your choice of cycling surfaces—concrete, dirt, sand or inclines, can increase the effectiveness of your daily workouts easily.

Joint Health

Another significant area of benefit in cycling is in joint health. Many women spend long days seated in front of computers, leaving muscles of the hips and legs weakened and vulnerable to injury and normal wear and tear. Cycling works these muscles effectively, keeping supporting muscles strong and your joints limber.

Heart Health

Cycling also provides a good cardio workout to keep your heart healthy and functioning well. Regular cycling not only allows you to exercise your heart safely and effectively. It also improves circulation, lung function, as well as lowering triglyceride levels. Along with the weight management and stress relief benefits, cycling can help to keep your cardiovascular system in good condition, for a long and active life. Using your cycling power meter can help you to gradually increase your workouts safely.

Increased Energy

Many women lead busy lives and find they run out of energy halfway through the day. Often, they must resort to increased coffee consumption or other methods to keep going until quitting time. This is an area where cycling shines, improving circulation and heart function, so you enjoy your daily activities more. Cycling improves your overall condition, and enhances your energy reserves. After only a short period of starting a cycling regime, you will find you have improved energy and can easily take on your daily tasks.

Stress Management

As a stress management tool, cycling cannot be beat, allowing individuals to work out as long and as hard as they like without the risk of injury. Unlike working off your stress at the gym, cycling gets you outdoors, where you can more easily get a perspective on stressful issues. The activity is simple enough to allow you let your mind wander, providing a refreshing break from your normal activities.

Social Opportunities

The benefits of cycling are not just limited to the physical. You can find a number of cycling groups that enjoy local venues, as well as those that organize cycling vacations around the world. In addition, cycling is a good way to meet potential life partners who share a love of the outdoors and physical activity. Even if you are not an extrovert who mingles with new people easily, cycling offers an easy way to share experiences with others and enjoy outdoor activity.

Women and cycling is a combination that seems to go together naturally, giving female cyclists a workout they can both enjoy and achieve measurable benefits. If you have not yet tried this remarkable exercise, take a moment to consider the freedom, strengthening, toning and cardio advantages of making cycling your go-to workout of choice. You will find that cycling becomes a workout you look forward to, for a variety of reasons.

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