Plastic Surgery Preparation

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If you’ve made the decision to get plastic surgery, you’ve made a decision to change your appearance for either medical reasons or to enhance how you look so that you feel better about yourself. Once you’ve set up the appointment for plastic surgery North Carolina doctors perform, you can follow a few tips to prepare so that the recovery is as comfortable as possible and so that you are back to your daily activities in a short time.

Start preparing for your surgery about a month before the date if the doctor schedules it that far in advance. Stop smoking and drinking. Stop taking medications a day or two before surgery so that the anesthesia used won’t interact with what you’re taking as well as the other medications that you’re given after the surgery. After your surgery, your doctor will tell you when to start taking daily medications once again. You might need to have a physical to ensure that you’re healthy enough for surgery.

Prepare your home for your surgery. Get foods and beverages that are healthy to eat and drink before the procedure and to enjoy when you get home. Try to get foods that have a high protein content so that you have more energy without eating a lot of food at one time. Cut back on the amount of salt and sugar that you eat before your surgery. Begin taking multivitamins about a week before your surgery. Talk to your surgeon about any questions that you have about the procedure. If there are any concerns that you have about what will happen or your recovery, you need to find out before you go to the operating room instead of waiting until the last minute.

Find out about any drains that you’ll have or any limits on how much you can lift. Take someone with you when you have surgery, and try to have someone at home with you for at least a few hours after the procedure. Try to get a good night’s sleep before the surgery, remembering that you’re having the procedure done for a good reason.

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