Rich Foods for a Strong and Healthy Spine

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If you’re missing some teeth, you may feel self-conscious about it. Luckily, you have more options than ever to restore a full and beautiful smile. A popular solution lately, dental implants can look just like natural teeth and last for many years. However, not everyone who wants these implants is approved for them by their dentist or oral surgeon. What can you do to make yourself a good candidate for them?

Consume Vitamin D and Calcium-Rich Foods

Because the implant will be screwed directly into your jawbone, it’s important that your jaw is strong enough to handle it. Bone density tests will be done to ensure that your jaw has the strength for the procedure. One way you can maintain good density is to consume foods with lots of calcium and vitamin D. Dairy foods contain both of those, so you may want to include more of those items in your diet. You might also want to take tablet supplements of those two nutrients. If you do, discuss that with your doctor first.

Stop Smoking

Another smart thing to do is to decrease any smoking habit. Not only can the ingredients in cigarettes and tobacco affect your gums, which can be troublesome when they’re trying to heal after the dental implant, but smoking often affects blood circulation. Blood needs to be able to flow freely to the implant area in order to deliver nutrients to the area that will heal your mouth, but smoking can disrupt that process.

Handle Gum Problems

If your gums are bleeding a bit when you’re brushing them, you may ignore it. However, that could be a sign of gum disease which must be under control before implants are put in. That’s because gum disease can often be accompanied by bacteria beneath the gumline which could threaten the implantation site and cause infections. Therefore, work with your dentist to heal those gums before trying implants.

Your attention to these issues will make you and your mouth fantastic candidates for dental implants. If you want dental implants Arlington Heights IL dentists can discuss them more with you.

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