Rocketship Education Believes Teachers Present Endless Possibilities To Children

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There is no doubt about it. Teachers have a huge impact on children. We all know how important a good education is, but we forget where that education comes from. Teachers are our lifeline to the future. Teachers have a way of turning inquiring minds into functioning people. Teachers offer students encouragement, and they never stop pushing the envelope so kids can find a way of knowing that resonates with their unconscious goals. Teachers are the miners who dig through the rubble of broken homes, and the precarious family situations that can collapse without warning. And teachers are the measuring sticks that children use to create the values that build character and personal ethical standards.

But the teaching profession isn’t recognized enough for going the extra mile and turning confused adolescence behavior into acceptable, responsible achievers. The achievers who make new scientific, business, and political discoveries that change the direction of the world. Teachers are the unknown leaders in society. They set the bar high and expect nothing short of reaching and then jumping over that bar in a uniquely personal fashion. The great minds of tomorrow are cultivated by our teachers.

Teachers deal with the challenges that disrupt their goal every day and they never give up. They may give in, but they never stop trying to bring innate qualities out in every student they come in contact with. Even when the public school system turns its back on teachers, they continue to do what they love, and that love creates a bond with students that lasts a lifetime.

The public education system in the United States hasn’t been kind to the profession that makes all other professions possible. Budget cuts, a lack of supplies, and a mindset that undermines the effectiveness of teachers is the flavor of the day in public schools these days. But thanks to organizations like Rocketship Education, a new dawn is rising in the education system. There’s new respect for teachers and elementary grade students in Rocketship public charter schools. Rocketship Education is a non-profit that opens elementary charter schools in low-income areas in several U.S. cities.

Rocketship’s public charter school CEO, Preston Smith thinks education begins at home. But Smith also believes public charter school teachers give students something kids can’t get at home. Rocketship teachers give kids hope. They instill confidence, and the knowledge they need to face the world as individuals who want to make a difference. Smith and the teachers who are part of the Rocketship Education family are not afraid to go into low-income homes and bond with families. Rocketship teachers become an extension of those families by bringing out the best in each child.

The Rocketship system is built on mutual trust and a common mission. That’s why Rocketship schools in California, Tennessee, Wisconsin and Washington D.C. accept all children no matter what they look like or what their young beliefs are. Rocketship gives all students a personal as well as group education. And thanks to the teachers, Rocketship schools are built on honor, diversity, and trust. Rocketship students learn the basics in order to confidently face the world. But they also learn how to treat other people who may not understand what it means to make America great again.

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