Talismans and Amulets: Symbols and Meanings

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How many of you here, actually believe in Voo-Doo, or something of that sort? Do you believe in paranormal sciences? Do you believe that something out of the extraordinary, out of the vision of the scientists can happen and is possible? Then, this article is for you. You must have heard the advantages of different amulets and talismans. Though, talismans and amulets come from different cultures and folklores, sometimes, people confuse them to be synonymous up to some sense. Some of them also doesn’t know what is the actual difference between amulets and talismans. Amulets are basically used to keep unwanted influences or spirits out of the house, and talismans are generally used to draw a specific energy to the house. This distinction is not formal, but is very effective for people who believe in astrology.

Talismans and Amulets have been a part of people’s lives from the ancient civilization. There have been stories and tales about talismans and amulets for as long as history of human is scripted. From the ancient romans to the Egyptians, from the queens of Egypt to the Kings of Rome, everybody is said to have used talismans and amulets to keep away from something or to attract energies to their kingdom. In the medieval age, it is also known that many peasants used to hand talismans and amulets outside their houses to avoid bad spirits to come in to their house.

In recent days also, many people wear talismans and amulets to attract good luck in their daily life, though most of the times it has been seen that, they do not understand the actual meaning attached to the talisman or the amulet. But, after all, the actual strength of the talisman or the amulet relies on the one who wears it, and his faith.

Now, if you are looking to buy an amulet or a talisman, consider the shape and size, if it contains a jewel in it, or if there are any herbs attached to it. Every small detail matters when it comes to amulets or talisman. Now, amulets can be bought in any jewelry store, but it can be customized as per your wish. Let us see take a look at the below points which would help to find the right amulet and talisman for you.


Red symbolizes passion and strength, good health and courage. Red generally promotes the ability to be courageous in your workplace or education. It promotes you to take important decisions in life. Pink is a color that is universally known as an emblem of romanticism. Here, also, it is used to improve a relationship. Orange is used to attract any type of energy while yellow is for intellect. Green is used for wealth while blue is for calmness. White emblems truth and authenticity while black acts as a protector.


Amethyst is a stone which is used for protection and also to calm the mind, and Quartz does the same thing. Citrine is said to provide balance in life as does Jade, while garnet is for attracting energies to the body. Tigers Eye is used to organize a cluttered or scattered mind.


There are many symbols like the Aankh, which is a popular Egyptian symbol, which is used to symbolize the mortality and immortality. There is the circle symbol, for the circle of life, hands of Fatima, Moon, Sun, Tao and the pentacle for the four basic elements with which the life is created in Earth.

Talismans and Amulets are unique for each and every other human being and therefore needs to be customized carefully by experts. Gersh Nubirg is an expert amulet and talisman maker, and is the frontrunner in its genre. Call them or book an appointment to know more.

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