The Benefits Of An IVR System

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When it comes to operating a pharmacy, especially in a busy environment, there are few things that are as vastly underrated as the IVR system. What is meant by a pharmacy ivr system? Well, the initials “IVR” actually stand for Interactive Voice Response. Many people also call it a “phone tree.”

While many jokes may be made about IVRs and how they kill the ability to talk with a real human, they are actually quite useful. Here are just a few of the many benefits one can expect to see when using an IVR system to help out in the pharmacy.

1. An IVR allows the pharmacy or any other business which uses it, to personalize the greeting to match the style and personality of the business itself. No more drab “press 1 for blah blah blah” the greeting can be something much more friendly and personable if that is what is desired.

2. The messages on a pharmacy ivr system
can be pre-recorded if that is more desirable for the business. Some companies do not want their employees or managment using their own voices on the answering system. This problem can be solved with ease by using the IVR system.

3. The pharmacy staff will be able to get back what they were trained to do, which is fulfill orders and answer questions dealing directly with the prescriptions themselves. By automatically answering important but time-wasting calls such as hours of operation or physical location the staff can spend their time dealing one-on-one with the customer where they truly need them.

As can be seen here, a pharmacy ivr system should be a tool which all companies employ. This way, there is more staff and professional help available for the customers to talk to.

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