The Main Differences between Commercial Cleaning and Domestic Cleaning

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Whether you are a company or a busy individual, no one has the time or energy to devote to cleaning. Recently, cleaning services have come to our rescue with an efficient yet cheap solution to the problem. Many companies provide with the specialized services where cleaners can be sent at the time convenient to you, totally equipped with their own cleaning equipment and would make your home spic and span. In today’s era where everyone is busy in their professional, social and personal lives, no one can take out time for effort intensive and tiring things like cleaning.

Moreover the cleaning services are generally outsourced by commercial and corporate firms to such service providers. However there is a huge difference between commercial and domestic cleaners and service providers. You might not have seen majority of the homes going for professional cleaning services but majority, if not all of the corporates and commercial clients outsource the cleaning activities to the third party, for efficient services and less stress on the management. The basic parameters of differences are the scale of activities, size, service options etc.

  • The Customers: The commercial cleaning services are offered to businesses, whether it’s a corporate firm or a factory premises. Majority of the businesses have opted for these services as they do not operate in the working hours, and are not a burden to the management. On the other hand for domestic cleaning services, households hire the worker or the agency, for cleaning the house and tidying it up. The major difference hence is the transaction in commercial cleaning is B2B (Business to business) and in the latter is B2C (Business to consumer).
  • The Services: There is a huge differentiation in the kind of service offered in both of these types. The commercial cleaning services are much more specialized like disinfecting services and other services like vacuuming, dusting, garbage removal and disposal. Although all the offices and businesses have requirements of their own, but majority of the services are common. On the contrary the services offered to home owners are totally personalized, they might need vacuuming but not dusting, and tons of other service combinations like mopping, sweeping, tidying etc.
  • The Time Frame: As already mentioned in the commercial cleaning services, the service has to happen when the office is not operating, so that there is no difficulty for the businesses. This has resulted in the time of the services settling on the weekends and late evenings. While the businesses prefer cleaning staff working at their back, the households prefer to supervise the cleaners. This helps them to make sure that they are doing the job properly and would not steal any valuables from the house. Hence these services happen during morning.


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