The WaterRower Natural Rowing Machine, simple yet effective physical trainer

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Most individuals are accustomed to use rowing machines that have a metallic body. These machines have their own advantages, benefits. They are strong and they offer the exercisers an ideal exercising tool that can be used to get a toned, muscular body. But, at the same time, the machines with metallic body are heavy and portability can be an issue for some. The WaterRower Natural Rowing Machine is made of ash wood. It is fitted with an S4 Monitor. There are other aspects of the rowing machine that makes this item just perfect for a certain section of health conscious individuals who prefer to use products made of wood.

The WaterRower Natural is a handcrafted product

The WaterRower Natural is a handcrafted item. It is made out of solid Ash wood. The product is given a perfect finish before it can be used by the exerciser. As the name suggests, using this handcrafted item emulates the motion of a boat through water.

The resistance system of the rowing machine

If the rowing is done properly then it is a perfect aerobic exercise that smoothens and flow the body movements naturally. It also helps to enhance blood flow through muscles, thereby boost heart rate. The rowing machine is fitted with paddles in a lubricating environment. As a consequence, resistance is very much reduced. The water tank along with the flywheel with the paddles creates a self regulating resistance system. It removes the need for motor devices.

Other important features of the rowing machine

The other important features of the rowing-machine are listed as follows:-

  • There is the series 4 performance monitor that tracks the workout density, heart rate, and many more stuff. It is designed to balance technical sophistication with user friendliness.
  • Other fascinating features of the monitor are that it has 3 buttons for navigation, 6 windows for information and programming, 6 buttons for quick selection. The monitor helps the user to see information concerning to workout, distance, heart rate, duration of exercise, and other relevant information.
  • The machine is made of Solid Ash. Not only that, the construction is perfectly finished and that absorbs both the vibration and sound.
  • From a fitness perspective, the machine is quite effective in shaping and toning the exerciser’s muscle. It helps to burn the calories, strengthen the muscles. It also removes excessive body weight from hips, knees and ankles.
  • The WaterRower Natural Rowing Machine has an arrangement for resting the lower limbs, designed keeping in view, exerciser’s comfort. The seat is placed on a wooden stand that can slide across the length of the rowing-machine whenever the exerciser does workout sessions.
  • The rowing-machine is provided with wheels beneath so that it can be moved from one place to another without any hassle.

The benefits of rowing

If exercises are done properly, then the rowing-machine ensures the smooth circulation of blood throughout the body. This helps to boost the blood circulation in the heart. This helps the exerciser to maintain a healthy body and mind. The rowing-machine is very much recommended for health conscious individuals.

The products are available in selected e-stores

In the age of e-commerce and the web, products like the WaterRower Natural Rowing Machine are sold online. The machines are displayed along with their features and prices. Interested buyers can check the products online, and go through the attributes, and if the item is still available in the stock then they can add it to the shopping cart.

Some e-stores charge for product shipment

Many dealers selling the products offer customers attractive discounts on sales. This gives the buyers a great opportunity to save money. So far as e-commerce portals are concerned, there the customers require checking the latest updates on the shipping of the products. Some e-stores do charge a certain amount as shipping charges.

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