Top 5 Things to Look for When Buying Your First Home

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It’s important to make sure there aren’t going to be unpleasant surprises hiding in the first house you buy. These days people are able to search for their next home from the comfort of their own living room, so it’s important to do your due diligence and know what to look out for when you do visit your future home. For those of us who are looking for that forever home with or without the help of a real estate specialist, here are five important things to check for when buying your first home.


Mold can present a serious health risk to everyone in the house, but it’s much more difficult to spot than most people realize. Mold can be hidden in vents and ducts and can also be quite expensive to have removed. If mold is visible, homeowners can take steps to remove the mold and save thousands of dollars.The best way to know if a house you’re considering has mold is to have the property inspected by a licensed mold remediation contractor.


Liens are a legal issue rather than a physical one, but they can be discovered if the paperwork for the house is thoroughly inspected. Unless you have legal training, you’re unlikely to find a lien yourself. Purchasing a house that has a lien on it can result in the home being foreclosed. Luckily, a competent real estate lawyer will be able to inspect the paperwork for liens.

Bad neighbors

Having a difficult neighbor can lead to a bad experience with your first home. It can be difficult to tell if you’re likely to have a problem with your future neighbors. But luckily there are ways to get an idea of the disposition of your future neighbors. Talking to your potential future neighbors is the best way to get a read on the person. First impressions are often accurate, so trust your gut instincts. In addition, it’s a good idea to look around to make sure your potential future neighbors don’t tend to leave junk out in the yard.

Plumbing issues

Plumbing issues can be difficult to spot yourself, and they can cause quite a lot of damage to a house. Luckily, overt problems are typically discovered during the inspection. If you are looking at older homes, you want to take special care to survey the plumbing carefully and make sure you won’t run in to costly repairs in the near future. The best way to avoid plumbing issues is to focus on buying a newly constructed home from a reputable builder you know you can trust.

Roof leaks

It also is important to make sure there are no leaks in the roof. Roof leaks can cause a great deal of damage to the house, and they can be quite expensive to repair. Luckily, they are often discovered during the inspection of a house. However, it’s also a good idea to take a look yourself for signs of a leaking roof.

While holes in the roof are the most obvious sign, there are others. If you notice dark spots on rafters, this is often a sign of a roof leak. If the wood is still soft, this can be an indication that the roof is still leaking. Stains on the ceiling are also common when a roof is leaking. In addition, if the ceiling sags in spots, this can be a tell-tale sign of a leaky roof.

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