Turn Your Hobby Into Your Dream Job

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More and more, people are finding creative ways to turn their personal hobbies into real income-driven dream jobs. The internet has literally opened a world of possibilities for creating new products, connecting with like-minded communities and finding new customers you, otherwise, would never have the chance to reach. Here are just a few hobbies you can take to the next level to supplement your income or even turn into a career.

Cosmetics lover

Do you love strolling the aisles of Sephora and Ulta? Are you constantly on the hunt for the newest and greatest makeup brush? If you spend your free time scouring the internet for the latest cosmetic trends and tutorials, you should consider turning your passion for beauty products into a money generating adventure.

You could start a blog and review products. You will get paid to provide reviews, and you’ll generate revenue from the ads on your blog. You could really dive deep into the world of cosmetics and start your own line. Whether its cosmetics, lotions or bath products, there are plenty of beauty manufacturing companies that can help you achieve your dreams. You could also venture into becoming a makeup artist for an established company or market your skills to local high schools and colleges. You will have a foothold into a repeat customer base since there are always multiple formal events a year, such as prom, homecoming and award banquets.

Health guru

It seems like every time we turn on the TV or open our laptops, there is a new health or diet trend being advertised. The real health changes come from a lifestyle change, not from eating predetermined freezer meals in hopes of losing a few pounds that will eventually return. If you are someone who walks the talk, whether it’s following a vegan lifestyle, maximizing fat burn with a ketogenic diet or returning to the basics with the paleo method, people will pay you to help educate them and motivate them to stay the course in their efforts. Plus, there is the added bonus that the community you are empowering will also keep you accountable!


If you have a vast collection of trinkets, you already possess the inner drive required to hunt down one of a kind treasures. You can leverage this desire by getting paid to add to other people’s collections. You can pick a niche to specialize in or act as a chameleon based on your client’s interests. You will be expected to be the expert, so you must do as much research as possible in order to determine the real deal from the reproductions. For example, trinket boxes, or Limoges boxes, can be bought almost anywhere. You can find them in most souvenir shops and across the internet. However, authentic Limoges boxes are much more rare and desirable to collectors. As you transition from hobbyist to collectible dealer, you will need to learn the ins and outs of each piece in order to boost your credibility and build a successful business.

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