Ways Dental Bridges Can Improve Your Health

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Dental bridges are similar to dentures but better suited for those who have fewer missing teeth. Dentures, also called plates, consist of both an upper plate and a lower plate. These plates completely replace all the teeth in that section of your mouth. If you have two or more teeth missing in one area of your mouth but the rest of your teeth are healthy, the dentist may recommend a bridge. In addition to restoring your smile and giving you your confidence back, dental bridges can improve your health in a few ways.

Sleep Better at Night

The alignment of your teeth and jaw plays a role in the way you sleep at night. If you have one or more missing teeth in your mouth, the remaining teeth will slowly adjust inside your mouth to compensate for those missing teeth. These changes the way your jaw and mouth aligns with your throat. It can lead to a problem called sleep apnea, which actually stops your breathing as you sleep and causes you to wake. Though you may not remember waking in the morning, you’ll feel groggy and tired. Dental bridges restore your natural alignment and can help you sleep better.

Digest Food Easier

The alignment of your mouth, jaw and throat also plays a role in the way you eat and digest food. You expect that any food you chew will move smoothly down your throat and to your stomach. When your mouth is not properly aligned with your throat though, that food can lodge in your throat. This leaves you feeling like you have a lump in your throat and may cause you to vomit to reduce the pressure that you feel. Even liquids can lodge in your throat in the same way, but getting a bridge changes this alignment and helps you swallow easily.

Prevent Pain

Don’t put off getting a dental bridge because you think it will hurt to much. With help from a cosmetic dentist Chicago IL patients like yourself can reduce some of the pain caused by the missing and broken teeth in their mouths. The dentist will extract your damaged teeth, which reduces the risk of bacteria causing inflammation and pain. A bridge can also reduce the pain that you experience in your head, neck and shoulders due to your bad teeth. Make an appointment with a dentist to talk about all the benefits of a dental bridge.

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