What is Black Rhinoplasty? A Summary of What This Surgery Is

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Ethnic rhinoplasty can be defined as rhinoplasty, or nose jobs, that are done on patients of differing ethnicities, like African American, Asian, Middle Eastern, and Hispanic origins – and those patients who do not have Caucasian features. Rhinoplasty in these situations, require a certain skill and technique to deal with different nasal structures. Unique procedures must be used so that the nose can be altered to become more pleasing, while at the same time, retain the ethnic features of the patient.

One of the main goals of ethnic rhinoplasty is to make sure that you achieve the result of having an aesthetically pleasing nose, while at the same time, remaining true to your ethnicity. Along with this, it is important that your nose will suit the rest of your facial features.
African Americans tend to have flatter noses with wider nostrils – with a lack of definition at the tip. However, this does not mean that every African American has a standard nose and will seek the same procedure. It is important to ensure that your surgeon understands how your nose is constructed so that he will be able to use the correct procedure to obtain the results you desire.

In black rhinoplasty, African American patients tend to ask for a nose reduction surgery, and wish to define the nasal tip as well. This is often done by grafting cartilage grafts to support and define the nasal tip – and to reduce the size and structure of the nose, the surgeon will strategically break the bone and then restructure it, so it heals in the correct position, resulting in a ‘new’ nose.
If you are considering going through such a procedure, it is important to look for the best surgeon in your area. One way in which you can look for professionals is to simply ask friends and family members – especially those who have had nose jobs done as well. Another place to look for professionals is to simply look online – a quick search will pull up popular surgeons in the area. This will allow you to see their specialties, and to take a look at their website. Make sure that the surgeon does a multitude of ethnicities – not just African Americans. It is important to ensure that your surgeon is a board certified facial plastic surgeon with a specialization in nose surgery.

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