Wondering If Sex During Period Is Harmful?

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Sex during periods may not be a very appealing idea to many. However, if you and your partner are one of those couples who does not find the idea gross, then regardless of what you may hear it seems like a perfectly normal idea to have sex during periods. Certain precautions could certainly come in handy and prevent you from staining your favorite bed spread, and so you may want to consider those. If you have concerns about having sex during periods, then here are some facts to consider that are sure to put your doubts at rest.

1. Here is what the doctor says

The doctors say having sex during periods is perfectly safe as long as the partners like it. It is absolutely safe for both the partners to have sex throughout the month without taking a break during the monthly cycle.

2. You may just like it more than usual

Periods are known to tamper with a woman’s hormonal levels in a big way. While for some woman arousal during periods may be an absolute turn off due to the menstrual cramps and the dirty feeling, there may be some woman who may actually enjoy sex more during their menstrual cycle. The two hormones, estrogen and testosterone are lower on the first day of the periods but gradually rise which can lead to the women feeling more up for sex.

3. Speak to your partner beforehand

It is often an assumption that sex during periods may seem like a gory idea to your partner. Instead of assuming, talk to your partner. It is likely that he may have other thoughts about it and you may be in for a surprise.

4. Lessen the mess

You may want to avoid sex on the days the flow is very heavy for the fear of staining the sheet. There are also some new ways like menstrual caps and female condoms which can help you min-imize the mess of bleeding during the intercourse. If the mess is still a concern, then wait for the days when the flow gets lighter to resume your sex life.

5. Try a new way

The good part about sex is that there is no just one way of doing it. There are various options of en-joying a sexual intercourse even during your menstrual cycle. You can try a tampoon and help sat-isfy your partner through oral or manual stimulation.

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